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Did you know that 62 percent of all Americans do not take all their vacation days? On average, Americans receive 18 days off per year, but only take 14.

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This amounts of 448 million earned but unused vacation days and an estimated $67.5 billion worth of time. The 2010 Annual Expedia Vacation Survey found that most American employees feel like their bosses are not supportive of them taking time off or they are trying to give the company all they’ve got just to maintain their jobs during the recession. But let’s face it: you deserve a vacation. Taking a break is, in fact, good for productivity.

Hotel Rooms & Far Away Places Are Ideal.

Research conducted by former NASA scientists and Air New Zealand discovered that vacationers experience an 82 percent increase in job performance following a vacation. However, these results are contingent on a 1-2 week vacation, rather than a 2-3 day “micro-vacation,” they said. What really transforms the mind and body is truly getting away from it all – going to a drastically different venue and shutting down from all work-related business for extended periods of time.

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Perhaps you are concerned about spending too much money while you’re away, which makes a vacation seem implausible. The good news is that you can make your travel budget last longer by following these travel tips:

  • Shop Around. Use the Internet to find deals on flights, hotel, insurance and activities.
  • Sign Up For Airline & Travel Newsletters. Get great deals sent directly to your inbox.
  • Choose A Destination Early. You’ll get cheaper hotels and flights by planning ahead.
  • Pick A Smart Date. If you can, avoid school holidays and peak travel times.
  • Fly Midweek. Try to avoid departures on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays.
  • Pack Your Own Food. Airport food is expensive. Pack a few snacks for your commute.
  • Plan Ahead. Bring a rain jacket and sunscreen to avoid paying top dollar.
  • Eat Bigger Lunches, Smaller Dinners. Often lunch fare is half-priced. Take advantage!
  • Think “FREE.” Museums, art galleries, concerts and other attractions may be free.
  • Ask The Concierge. Avoid price gouging tourist traps. Ask the locals where they go.
  • Rent A Bike, Skip The Taxi. Look for more economical ways to get around.
  • Don’t pay for costly guide books when you can get what you need on the Internet.

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